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I created this platform to help empower and inspire people to learn how to trade without the pressure of advertising and marketing attached to it. To tell you a little about me, I grew up with parents living paycheck to paycheck as many can relate. My quest to financial freedom led to trying out several businesses and multiple multi-level marketing companies. In my opinion they all lacked human interaction that I not only wanted but needed. I found success when I discovered the foreign exchange market. I realized it was a wonderful path to financial freedom which created time freedom! What brings me happiness is having the time to do what I love and am passionate about, without financial worries. I am truly excited about helping people globally learn a skill set that will reward them continuously for a lifetime, hence, leaving a legacy of entrepreneurs, creative ambitious leaders and profitable traders.


Understanding that for a relationship to work, whether personal or business that both parties must be dedicated to one another. You will always get our best!
Our team operates with integrity regardless if it is forex related or our personal lives. Integrity is one’s personal currency and we are rich there too!
We take our work very serious. We want you to know that you can trust us all the way to the bank!
Our Core Values set the standard to build and maintain your trust. Transparency allows the customer to make informed decisions based off the level of communication between both parties.
We strive to be consistent in all areas to ensure a wonderful customer experience whether you are learning how to trade or simply investing with us! We are consistent because we understand if you can’t be reliable you can’t be trusted.
Shonte' Pratt Network Administrator
Shonte' Pratt
Network Administrator

Hardware: Proficient in the use of all Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux bases PCs & Servers. Proficient in the use of Tablets (Android/iOS/WebOS/Symbien), mobile devices.

Software: Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, All Adobe Suite products, training in programming in Visual Basic, C#



IT Support/Network Technician 10+ years

NOC II 2+ years