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UGenFX is designed to help someone who has never traded to an advance trader who wants to continue to increase their skillset. We provide signals, autotrader, education on market structure, candlestick patterns, and technical analysis and so much more.

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Why are the autotraders priced on different month increments instead of monthly?

Professional traders tend to analyze their success and growth rate to their portfolio on a quarterly basis. We want our system to reflect this so newer traders and investors can see their growth the same way and as a longer term investment.

We can also offer a better deal for our client pricing it that way instead of monthly. Set it and forget it!

Why is your education different from every other forex platform there?

We believe strongly in the human touch factor. We want most of the education to happen through education webinars with our traders. We also will have live trading sessions where you can apply what is being taught. Most “aha moments” happen in the application process and there is no better way to see how a trader wins in the market than to do it with them by your side.

Are you real traders or just market theorists?

Our traders and educators have live accounts and are teaching their own methods that work for them in the market. We are not financial advisors and you assume risk as you trade your own account.
The beauty of forex is there are many ways to win in the market and we want you to have access to a variety of them. That is the objective to the variety of education. Keep what works for you and lose what doesn’t.